Our Support Process and Commitment to You

We are on call for you whenever you need us for support. More than anything, we pride ourselves on the level of support we have always provided for our clients and we feel it’s our most important role. Our support offerings for active projects fall under two categories: Priority Support and Standard Support. You can learn more about the two support categories below and you can see the full details in your client guide.

If possible, please try to research your issue using the FAQ, Documentation or Forums in our client support center before submitting a support ticket. You can also learn some helpful tips and tricks you can do that will help us complete your request even faster. Not only will this save you money, it will reduce the support volume and allow us to reply to support requests in a more timely fashion.

VIP Support, Priority Response and Reduced Pricing for Our ProMaintain Clients

Priority Support is reserved for clients with active ProMaintain maintenance agreements in place with us and priority is always given to these clients for rush requests or during abnormally busy periods. Please note that Priority Support is still a queue and requests are handled in chronological order from the time they are received. In addition to Priority Support, our ProMaintain clients also enjoy a substantial discount on included labor hours and have access to additional tools, resources and perks that are only available to “active” clients.

For the sake of classification only, our ProMaintain clients are considered “active” clients and those without a ProMaintain agreement in place are considered “inactive” or “former” clients. However, we strive to provide unparalleled client support for all of our clients regardless of status so we always push to provide the same level of service across the board when time allows- it’s just not guaranteed unfortunately without a signed agreement.

For more information on our ProMaintain maintenance plans and to compare benefits, please see our ProMaintain Packages page or contact us for more detailed information.

Submit a New Support Request

Our friendly, experienced support team are on hand to help you out with whatever you may need. Just give us a little more detail using the form below and we’ll get you squared away quickly. Remember that this support system is only intended for active projects or those that have already launched. Collaboration on projects currently in development will continue to take place in Basecamp.

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Additional Client Support Options

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